The Highest Grossing Comic Book Movie of All Time is Now JOKER!

At US$957 million in ticket sales, JOKER is now the most profitable comic book movie ever produced. A film budgeted at US$62.5 million, the production of the movie had amassed more than US$800 million in profit which was greater than The Mask (at US$351 million ticket sales over a US$23 million production budget) and Batman (US$411 million sales over US$35 million production budget).

Other movies like the Venom (US$854 million sales over a US$90 million production cost) and Deadpool (US$783 million on a US$58 million budget) were surpassed by JOKER which was widely-anticipated by many Batman fans worldwide. Even more, it has surpassed the sales of the Batman movie sequels.

There is one thing that makes it weird. Most movies connected to the comic book were not doing well than JOKER but were lobbying in for a sequel. Nonetheless, the studio is not going to be stopped for doing the sequels, including Phoenix.

Would another JOKER movie make it to the top-grossing comic book movies of all time? We would love to hear your thoughts about it. Comment it on the box below.

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