Another PARANORMAL ACTIVITY Sequel is Coming this 2021

The last installment, THE GHOST DIMENSION, was way back in 2015 and was the 6th of the many Paranormal Activity movies produced over time. Another sequel should be produced because horror fans just can’t get enough of the chills brought by the series.

The producers heard the fans and, in 2020, another installment will be made. There is no title given yet for the sequel, but it will surely bring the same chills from all the installments made for Paranormal Activity.

To refresh every horror fans’ memory, this US$15,000-budget series has grossed in around US$200 million. This should be reason enough for another installment, the 7th one to be precise, and it shouldn’t cost much to make the anticipated return.

As of the writing of this article, there has been no revelation yet on who is to write the plot, the castings, and the director for this sequel. Nonetheless, we will post all updates here so stay tuned.

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