Seven Fun Facts You Should Know about IT’s Pennywise

If you have watched IT, you would have met the tormented clown, Pennywise. This movie was the reason many installed home cinemas. However, here are some facts about him that would make you know him even more:

He’s Old and an Alien

He existed even before the Big Bang. He came to earth millions of years ago through an asteroid that crashed on Earth. He was in a dormant state until 1715 and started to frighten people, especially children, every 30 years.

Pennywise is Also Haunting Characters Across Stephen King’s Novels

This clown is part of King’s novels like The Tommyknockers, Dreamcatcher, Insomnia, 11/22/63, and Gray Matter. Like what he does in his own story, he simply haunts and torments people every time he went out of hibernation.

John Wayne Gacy was the Inspiration for Pennywise

This notorious serial killer takes an alter ego, Pogo the Clown, who was turned sinister after the killer’s trial exposed him to the public.

Pennywise has Disciples

Well, he surely inspired a lot of clowns to haunt around the world, including the viral Northampton clown in 2013.

Pennywise was King’s Longest Novel

1138 pages would surely comprise a long novel, but King did this to collect all his monsters in one place.

Pennywise’s Hair was Real

Tim Curry, the actor behind this famous clown, had red hair, and he simply used it on the character as his dedication to the role.

Pennywise has REAL powers

He can shapeshift, create illusions, can teleport and use telepathy, can control the mind, become invisible (but partially), can kill plants at a touch, has telekinesis, and photokinesis (the ability to control light).

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