Annabelle Comes Home (2019)

This one’s another story about the famous haunted doll, Annabelle, who was an image of horror for most kids. This doll came back this year to give another haunt but by another director.

If anyone is to be asked what the Annabelle doll was all about, they would always find The Conjuring a reference point. However, the Annabelle haunting has a separate story. This is the strong point of the third sequel of this movie. Annabelle Comes Home is all about her usual haunting, but this is now happening between the Warrens, particularly with her child, who has the same gift as her mom.

The director, Gary Dauberman, was known as the writer of the Annabelle series until he was given the chance to direct his own Annabelle movie. His familiarity with the story was a strong point to bring the audience to fright, but his technique does not involve the scary, jumpy music which was common among the older horror movies. We think this is a good technique to keep the fright as natural as possible.

The plot has a great point as well about the haunting incident. We are all familiar with The Conjuring’s first part, the two nurses with the haunting Annabelle doll. This has been reprised in this movie but offers a deeper insight into how the Annabelle doll became possessed. This part of the story explains further why the doll was mischievous enough to scare the daughter of Ed and Lorraine as well as her babysitters.

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