Rabid (2019)

The movie has quite a turn of events that can truly make you see what’s going to happen next. As a remake of the 70s film with the same title, Rabid has a great plot but remade into a beautiful film that can give the goosebumps a little bit higher.

It introduces the character, Rose, who is a nobody in the fashion industry and has these kinds of misfortunes before the turn of events that changed her life. She got into an accident which was thought to be her end until new technology was introduced to her – stem cell transplant.


Before the transplant, she got a wrecked face and jaw. After the surgery, her face got a better look. More than the face, she started to experience a good life. Nonetheless, while everything was going smooth, another climax starts to settle in – the adverse effects of the transplanted stem cell. Everything about it made the intensity of the movie a little bit higher to get you jumping off your seats.

If there is one thing the movie lacks, it was the attention towards dull moments. A lot of times, Rose was complaining about the incident which could have been a better niche for a scene that engages everyone to pay more attention. This is a small flaw, but it would have made the movie better.

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