Tumbbad (2018)


There is nothing much to say about the movie except, Wow! Although this is an Indian film (with three distinct directors who are truly known in the field of horror film directions), the movie delivers the same chills you can experience in an American or European horror movie, maybe even better.


The story centers on a family in Tumbbad (where they got the title of this movie) who had a grandmother holding a ludicrous secret that can potentially give great wealth to anyone who knows it. Vinayak, one of the grandchildren, have learned the secret when his grandmother suddenly woke up and told him about the secret. Years later, he started searching for the treasure and kept it until he can pass it on to his child.

The best things about the production of the movie are the one-liner scenes that should etch in your memory after watching it. The scores of the movie are also fascinating and can usher you into the movie. The casts’ performances are also convincing and excellent.

Their American and European premiere of the movie from last year’s Screamfest was also another feat for an Indian horror movie, given it was widely accepted by most viewers and horror fans on the West side of the world.

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