5 Horror Films to Watch While Eating CBD Gummies

This Halloween, what are the finest scary movies to watch on Netflix? Whether you enjoy old horror films or modern ones, there will never be a shortage of notable eerie films to watch. You and your buddies will have the most unforgettable fright night ever with the correct dosage of potent CBD gummies and several sweets on the small table.

Here’s a list of five of the best horror films to include in your marathon list.

The Best Horror Films to Watch during Halloween

The Exorcist

What better way to kick off your movie marathon than by re-watching one of the most financially successful horror films? William Friedkin’s The Exorcist is a must-see for anyone looking for a heart-pounding, scream-inducing thriller from start to finish.

In the storyline, a 12-year-old girl has been possessed by a demon, and the only person who can cure her is a young priest who is starting to doubt his faith. This iconic horror film is dark, intense, and nerve-wracking, and it’ll enhance your late-night Halloween gathering even more memorable.

House of Wax

The House of Wax is a well-known classic horror film that tells the story of a bunch of teenagers imprisoned inside a wax museum. What’s the catch? The life-like wax statues on the showcase are actually the corpses of slain victims, who must now fight for their lives to avoid becoming the next display.

House of Wax is a disturbing, perplexing, but ultimately entertaining thriller that will make your Halloween night even more lively than ever.

The Ring

A reporter and her ex-husband examine a haunted videotape that is believed to murder the viewer days after seeing this film. Scary, unique, and rich with just an overpowering feeling of foreboding, The Ring is an excellent horror film to pair with your CBD sweets as you strive to maintain your cool and solve the spectacular mystery of the story.

A Nightmare on Elm Street

Who could ever forget this movie? A Nightmare on Elm Street, considered “among the most iconic horror movies of all time,” follows five teens as they fight to survive by staying up all the time. What is the explanation for this? Freddy Krueger, a terrifying guy with a scarred visage, is murdering them in their nightmares, and they must now struggle to stay awake.

A Nightmare on Elm Street is likely to make your eerie experience even more unsettling, as it features one of the most terrifying horror antagonists in film history.

Night of the Living Dead

When you watch Night of the Living Dead, prepare to welcome legions of corpses who prowl the night for the living to devour. The Night of the Living Dead is indeed a popular horror film that will make your viewing more exciting and pleasant. It is widely regarded as one of the most influential zombie films ever created.

Bottom Line

Are you prepared for a Halloween movie marathon that is both entertaining and terrifying?

Whether you’re looking for detective stories, evil spirits, or just simple horror watching experiences with CBD, you can expect many horror films to make your Halloween night much more spooky and lively. Keep a plate of CBD edibles on your table to keep your cool and composure as you face a sequence of frightening scenes.

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